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There are no trees on Iona to speak of. Certainly none that burst into autumn flames.
but wait until you see the firey rocks...
pictures from a fabulous fall hike coming soon.













Iona has fostered a writers group called Write Club. First rule: Don't talk about Write Club.

Members are good to each other, and we've even begun sharing works in progress.

Here, however, are some bits we think are ready to hang on the wall.

Done and finished. Polished and proud.


by Paul

Carrots live a double life
above they send up bright green shoots
that soften and feather
and sway in the breeze like bonsai forests

But underground
in secret
little round pegs in round holes
they concoct brews to trouble the sleep of ambitious opticians
plan PR events with cartoon rabbits
devise campaigns for the colour “carrot”

And in their perfect rows
forging their little coloured swords
they plot their revenge against the oranges

Dark-haired woman from the south lands

Dark-haired woman from the south lands
Faith carrier
Truth miner
God botherer

Carry what you know in a small pack
in pencil draw your own maps
be everywhere amazed
carve out delight and
always demand wonder

May you always dance
bare-foot in a rain shower
stand on a high place at sunset
and lie in shade at the evening hour

Lean always into the wind
sniff the air for the change of season
carry water
carry a torch
carry a load
build cairns in lonely places

Say each day one true thing aloud

Dark-haired woman from the south lands
Faith carrier
Truth miner
God botherer

Paul Turley
August 2006






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